Use social media channels wisely

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Social media are profitable. Everyone knows that, it’s not a secret. But what makes them beneficial and why? Where, between this huge number of lol content and trash, you can find a place to generate sales leads and grow your business?

Facebook is still number one when it comes to amount of users and number of companies’ pages. By using this channel in an appropriate way you are able to connect with your potential customers and fans. You can also show them your products and services. Don’t do it in an obvious way though, be creative, make them curious.

Facebook also provides us with its internal tool: FacebookAds. This is not a time and a place to give you a complex explanation, but it offers many various options to create advertising through Facebook. You can, for example, boost posts, which can engage more users. Let’s face it. Not every content, post or infographic is awesome. Some of them are better and some of them, well… not. By measuring engagement choose those which have the highest potential and invest in them.


Twitter is for sure the second fastest social media channel that exists (behind Snapchat). On Twitter there is no way back. In most cases, it only takes few hours (sometimes even minutes) for the tweet to be buried under hundreds or even thousands new ones. You can use Twitter to join the discussion, network with others from your industry (especially if it handles new technologies or social media marketing) and finally let everybody know about your presence.

Instagram is not for everybody. If you want to engage yourself or your brand in any social media channel, do it right or don’t do it at all. Be innovative. Interest your customers, give them some added value. Telling stories via photos or videos could be very profitable. It has also proven to be very difficult, but try it. You can win a lot.

Making marketing via LinkedIn is really oldschool, but sometimes people want it to make it that way. Create groups where people can communicate and consult with each other about topics and trends from your industry.

In this place it is worth to mention video as an effective way to create marketing. You can see its constant growth just by observing your Facebook wall. In video you have to invest more – that is for sure. You should have a really good and original idea, because of its costs. If you are not sure whether your content is special, perhaps you should reconsider. For inspiration, check out Kenzo’s recent video. That’s how it’s done. The number of views and shares is huge. Definition of a good viral.

And now tell me that you are not a little bit curious about its fragrance. Great job.

By the way, if you somehow see it for the first time and think how they took shots with mirrors without cameras in them the answer is two-way mirrors. Great example of a perfect combination leading to success – top idea, top execution.

The fact remains, that there is no such thing as the “best thing to do”. When it comes to social media, the amount of books, articles and reports regarding this subject is countless. They come in handy if you want to understand the basics, sure, but at some point you have to base your knowledge on your own experience. You can base on some templates of communication fundamental rules, but even them aren’t always right. Sometimes it is too polite- simply boring. Unfortunately many of your clients need action and you have to provide it for them.