Social Media Crisis Management

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When it comes to communication with customers via social media channels the key is flexibility. Users expect from companies to stay close to them and support. In social media right now this is more than only marketing and advertising, but customer service too.

You have to remember that this is not added value, it is obligatory.

There are many cases of reputation crisis, which were started on Facebook or Twitter. Is this a reputation crisis?


Probably not. But what if we have to deal with something like that?


Timing in that context helps nip crisis in the bud. BrandSpy delivers statements and mentions in under 2 minutes after publishing. You have to be ready to react in real time, but it is important to be aware that not only time is what matters – also the way you react.

Of course, you always have an option to ignore users’ posts and hope that crisis won’t spread, but can you afford that risk? What if complaints transform into some kind of snowball effect? Negative opinions are not only harmful to reputation but also have impact on income. According to researches more than 67 % of consumers are influenced by online reviews. Therefore, negative or positive reviews and opinions affect your sales greatly.

Monitor Web, monitor Social Media, be ready to react and build communication strategy, which could protect you from online attacks.

The fact is, that it is almost impossible to avoid online crisis. Sometimes the best way to handle that is to apologize and present some interesting offer for dissatisfied customers.

Remember that there are many online ‘trolls’ and haters out there. It is crucial to learn how to recognize when we have to deal with some unsatisfied client and when it is just provocation. Another important thing is realizing that when someone posts negative opinion or review about company it often means that he cares. By appropriate approach and communication, your company can get a valuable ambassador who will recommend your products and services to other users. There is no doubt that customer referrals are still the most effective way to get new clients.

The best way to control crisis in social media is to try keep negative posts and discussion in one place. It’ll be great if this channel won’t be your fanpage, but of course sometimes it is unavoidable. Everyone knows that deleting comments isn’t the solution and could only inflame crisis because users are allergic to censorship. There are some examples when you have no choice. The most obvious situation when deleting posts are understandable is when someone’s publishes some offensive and vulgar content or threats.

The topic of social media crisis management is really wide and one single blog article can only point out the most important elements of it. For sure we will come back to it with more details and, what is the most important, with case studies.

Stay tuned.

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