Learn how to always be a step ahead of competition

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It is a known fact, that nowadays almost every industry’s growth is connected with new companies appearing in the market. In this highly competitive environment it’s very hard to develop new business as well as keep grounded position for bigger brands. Fight for customers is on and the battlefield is the Internet, especially Social Media.

1 Be aware about who your competitors are

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Sun Tzu

This idea makes perfect sense in modern marketing. Basically it means that you have to constantly monitor your competition acts and learn from them. By drawing the right conclusions you can create and dynamically change your marketing strategies. Don’t repeat others’ mistakes. With Social Media and Internet monitoring now you can do that. Sometimes it is very difficult to predict how your audience will react but it doesn’t mean that you can’t prepared to that.

There are some hot spots in B2C communication which are always the same. If your product is food, you have to be prepare that maybe one day someone gets it spoiled. Some crises are unavoidable so create the anti-crisis strategy, thanks to which you will be able to react instantly.

2 Monitor trends and react

There are plenty of free tools, which help you to monitor online trends. I will show you the most popular ones.

Google Trends

It is a basic tool to monitor Web. By using it, you can catch the newest online trends which aroused the greatest interest among Internet users.



Source: Google Trends

Of course, those are only results from Google, so if you want more detailed data from Internet and Social Media you need to use more advanced monitoring tool like BrandSpy for example 😉

Nevertheless, it is worth it to check it out and stay tuned!

Twitter Trends

tt all

Source: Twitter

Twitter Trends are more accurate when it comes to real time monitoring. Twitter is the fastest social media channel, therefore Twitter users are sometimes hard to keep up with. You can change displayed trends to specific country or town. Check what topic is hot among your target group and join the discussion.

3 Treat your customers uniquely

This statement will never get old. The moment you start to treat your customers like numbers, not like people, is the beginning of the end. Always remember that the key to potential clients’ hearts, is to let them feel special and one of the kind. Use it in social media communication, e-mail marketing and contact support. You won’t be waiting for effects long.




Good luck and prosper!