6 Best Tools That Help You In Content Creation And Managment

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Content is king and everybody knows that, but why? First of all good content often doesn’t even need money boost to get huge reach. Users share it and spread it across their followers and that’s it. Important thing is feeling and timing. It doesn’t matter what you think about your article, what matters is other people’s opinion. Sometimes your content can be insightful but boring and opposite, great style and language but without any important data or information.. Second factor is SEO. For Google algorithm it is important, how long users are on page and whether the bounce rate isn’t too high. All these factors have important impact on your Google position.

Fortunately, you are not alone. There are plenty of tools which can help you with creating great content and distributing it afterwards. Especially the second thing could be very tricky, so let’s focus and begin.

My assumption is that you already have subject and done some research. Of course you can always use data from others but remember, that your own surveys are more valuable and current. Also think hard about the title – this is key factor which often decides if users will click on your article or not.


Their role is simple but very important. Featured images have to attract attention, stop users for a while when they’re scrolling and generate action. Other pictures enrich your article and make it more readable. Let’s face it – plain text isn’t reader friendly.  Here are a few places where you can find them for free:



Great website with many free pictures, vectors, icons and even PSD files (Adobe Photoshop extension). I especially recommend it when you need icon sets. When it comes to license, all of it is, like I said before, free but requires author’s attribution. All images you’ll find there have very good resolution and quality.



Another example of free stock photography site. Here you’ll find more photos which you can use as featured image in your posts. What is important, all of the images don’t required attribution. You can use it freely in your projects. If you are familiar with Adobe software (f. ex. Photoshop) or Gimp you are also able to edit it and customize to your needs. Adobe CS2 is now available for free, so you can make some basic changes on your own. I believe that this is worth to learn, because as we all know

If you want something done right, do it yourself


Everybody loves them. Simply way to share the most important data with others. Making them on your own if you are not a graphic designer could be hard but as always you can use templates which already exist. In this case one of the tools which will help you is Piktochart. This tool is partly free. It allows you to create infographics from scratch or change existing ones.


We have our content. You write great article, have awesome pictures and maybe even interesting infographic. Sounds pretty nifty, but all of this could be irrelevant if you don’t distribute it. You can write the best novel in the world but if you hide it to your drawer, it is kind of pointless. Let’s share it with others. Maybe they will find it useful or interesting and that is your goal.


If you read this article it means that my distribution works well. What can you do to reach your audience better? First of all, use your social media channels. Share content with your followers.
To improve analysis you can use bit.ly. Now you can track your clicks and have preview to sources of it (countries). Thanks to bit.ly you can shorten your links and edit them. It is really easy so let’s move on.


Next tool you can use when you want to manage your content is Buffer. You can find many information about how it works online, probably you have already used or at least heard about it. Long story short, this tool helps you to schedule posts on your social platforms. Thanks to that, you can plan your entries and be sure that you didn’t forget about anything. It is really useful when you go “all in” in social media communication and use many channels at the same time.


Other idea to distribute content is sharing it in closed groups connecting people from specific area. Those groups you can find on Facebook and LinkedIn. What is important you are able to have discussions with them and learn what are their thoughts about specific subject. Those users know subject about which you were writing about and can have really interesting suggestions about it, so for everybody it is win win situation, because in content marketing or blogging it is all about constantly learning. The only tool which can help you with that is your imagination and creativity. Same thing is with press. Some portals publish guests articles, maybe you can be one of them. Don’t be shy, that’s for sure.

When you do everything of the above, launch Google Analytics and observe traffic on your website or blog. Never give up, not every article will be viral, some of them go without a trace. Work on your articles, read other’s blogs and follow influencers to improve your communication skills.