5 best ways to generate sales leads with marketing

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Nowadays approach to marketing is constantly evolving. This is a result of three main factors. First of them is that marketers have more and more tools to implement their marketing strategies. Second factor is based on growing knowledge and self awareness among consumers about their needs. Last but not least factor, which is the biggest challenge for marketers, is increasing competition in almost every industry.digital global

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Jonh Wanamaker, a marketing pioneer, said:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”

Referring to that quote, the most important thing in marketing are effective measurement and analysis which ventures give us the return of marketing investments (ROMI), and which don’t. With help comes Social Media and web monitoring. In this article I’ll show you the five best ways to generate sales leads.



Social media are used mostly in B2C direct communication. Almost all your clients are there, but they’re alerted to any form of typical advertisement. Fundamental aspect is to know your audience and to adapt your content and language to it. For example, bank profiles communicate with their consumers completely differently than youth clothing brands. Presence in social media allows brands to be close to customers, and that gets them brand ambassadors, who have great influence on others by direct customer referrals, which is the best form of advertising. Every social media network has its individual environment and e-society.




It is characterized by different approach and distinct expectations. Google Analytics or Buffer are very useful external tools for efficiency reporting.

REMEMBER: Always respond to any questions of your fans, who are your potential clients.



In email marketing you should use tools which allow you to increase the rate of conversion and efficiency. Best examples can be SalesManago and MailChimp which offer us access to detailed statistics, that mainly cover the open and click rate, but also more. Numbers don’t lie. They say that progressively more companies use this tools and decide to invest in marketing automation, which main goal is to reduce the lead gap. It is crucial to know, that without this tools used correctly, for example to lead nurturing, many valuable leads leak in sales funnel and never go directly to sales. Email campaigns have to be multidirectional. You should use your client and potential client data bases from newsletters, former buyers info and for example from pop-ups on your website, when user leaves his contact in exchange for discount or some e-book. Also, you can use external data bases bought from others. Increased efficiency of mailing campaigns is achieved by A/B tests of messages’ titles and content.

REMEMBER: Using Call To Action (CTA) buttons is necessary to get leads in email marketing.


  1. SEO/SEMweb

Search engine optimization and appropriate positioning are very important elements of generating sales leads. Researches show, that over 80% of consumers are seeking product reviews on the Internet. To generate sales leads, you have to use appropriate landing pages with simple contact form (for example addressed to expert) and put them as high as possible by using Google AdWords and external companies that deal with positioning. For better results, it is a good idea to create a few landing pages with different layouts and contact fields, and then make some A/B tests that measure the conversion and evaluate the quality of the leads.

REMEMBER: The most important thing in using Google AdWords is appropriate selection of keywords.



The growing importance of content marketing is caused mainly by the changes that occur in the Google search algorithms. No matter what they say, the content still is the king, and it has a great impact on organic traffic on websites and companies’ blogs. To achieve satisfying results, you cannot only focus on valuable and interesting texts or infographics, which answer your customers’ questions, but also on appropriate management of advertising. Content marketing is directly linked with SEO/SEM, social media and email marketing.

REMEMBER: The companies’ blogs have to be regularly updated with new entries containing important keywords.



Participation in conferences and organization of trainings are invaluable source of clients’ contacts and they surely build the company’s position. Despite the enormous influence of the Internet, live meetings and presentations still affect our perception much stronger. Companies that ignore these sources of advertising often lose the opportunity to rise above mediocrity and get more potential customers.

REMEMBER: Livecontact is priceless.