3 steps to efficient monitoring – a tool plus a man

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There is no doubt, that even the best and most armed monitoring tools are useless without a qualified analyst. It works both ways. The best analysts without right tools are like SEALs soldiers without guns.

Very often users gain a lot of different data and charts generated by some tool, but they haven’t got any idea what to do with that, what does it mean and what it represents. This is why it is very important to learn about functional specific tool before even starting using it.

  1. First things first. Define your needs.

This is fundamental, because only a defined need could help to choose the right solution, which will respond to your expectations. Decide if you want just to know who, where and when writes about your company or take the action also.

  1. More not always means better. Select the right plan.

Depending on the size of the company, your priorities will be different. You have to decide whether you want to monitor your own brand only or your competition as well. Based on that, think about your goals and choose a pricing plan, which will be optimal for you.

  1. We are here for you. Contact support.

It never hurts to ask additional questions before making final decision. You can provide yourself with most important functions for you and get help with creating projects.

After those steps you can start implementation of your project. If you configure project correctly, the results will help you manage:

mark Real- time marketing

mark Direct communication with customers and potential clients

mark  Trends monitoring

mark Anti-crisis strategies


Everyone is online now. Don’t treat it like danger. Treat it like a challenge, that you can use as an opportunity to develop your business and increase income.

The key is to draw appropriate conclusions and based on them implement the best solutions.