15 Blogs You Should Add to Your Bookmarks

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Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t.

Bill Nye

Constant learning and widening our horizons is key in pretty much every area of our lives. Especially in business, where trends change so drastically and rapidly. Sometimes it is problematic to observe everything what’s going on and respond accordingly. In this dynamic branch doing it by yourself proves to be an almost impossible task. Here at BrandSpy, we believe that the base of success is cooperation. Creating a synergy effect. Being an active part of the whole organism, that is the Internet. Search for an inspiration has lead us to many interesting sources, such as blogs. Obviously, the amount of experts in the field of social media, PR, marketing etc. is huge. All of them are worth checking out. Here are fifteen, that I suggest you should keep a keen eye on.

garyveeGary Vaynerchuk (garyvaynerchuk.com)

This man needs no introduction. Over a million followers on Twitter and if you are not one of them, you’re missing out on some great content. He can always provide you with fantastic insights, as well as valuable tips on how to develop yourself and your business. Apart from writing a blog, Gary runs a YouTube channel and has 271,519 subscribers at the very moment I’m writing this article. I always turn to him whenever I’m looking for an inspiration.
Food for thought.

FACEBOOK – 966.730 fans

@garyvee – 1.3M followeers


Seth Godin (sethgodin.typepad.com)

Publisher of numerous books. He stands out with his style of writing. Short, simple texts are well written and comfortable to read. It almost seems like Seth is using his blog as a scrap of paper to write down thoughts and ideas that came to his head when he was eating his morning cereal. Very innovative. Lately I especially enjoyed reading about the elusiveness of the flip 😉


FACEBOOK – 318.914 fans

@ThisIsSethsBlog – 554K followers


Amit Shaw (itechcode.com)

Most definitely the one to watch if you want to be kept up to date about technology. Blogging, computer systems, SEO, WordPress, programming, you name it. Amit has got you covered.

I especially recommend an article about using the cloud in your business. Check his blog out!


FACEBOOK – 2.642 fans

@itechcode – 4.893 followers


Katie Lance (katielance.com)

Knows pretty much everything there is to know when it comes to social media marketing. Consultant, speaker, writer, coach. Specializes in real estate, mortgage companies, tech firms and startup organizations.
Here’s a little taste of what Katie’s blog is all about. Facebook 101, right there.


FACEBOOK – 8.077 fans

@katielance – 27.6K


Neil Patel (neilpatel.com/blog)

Another „big fish”. Columnist for Forbes. Marketing is his bread and butter. Reading his thought-provoking blog is without a doubt going to have a positive impact on you and your business.

If you somehow don’t know him yet, check out one of his recent articles. Neil at his finest!


FACEBOOK – 308.789 fans

@neilpatel – 208K followers


Jon Loomer (jonloomer.com)

Probably only Mark Zuckerberg himself knows more about Facebook Ads than this guy here. Jon shares his knowledge in a very comprehensible and clear way. His blog is pure gold. With him you don’t have to worry about not being up with any changes Facebook applies.

Find out on your own!

FACEBOOK – 122.743 fans

@jonloomer – 22.2K followers


Mark Schaefer (businessesgrow.com)

Mark’s blog proves itself to be extremely helpful when it comes to designing your marketing and social media strategy. Combine thirty years of experience in global sales, PR and marketing with a knack for writing and you get one of the best content out there.

This particular article on generating reaction from social media created some buzz. Rightfully so.

FACEBOOK – 465 followers

@markwschaefer – 138K followers

Cohen_HeidiHeidi Cohen (heidicohen.com)

Great marketing advices. Using social media to bulk up your brand.

Heidi’s blog can help you out in many different ways. No matter if you’re in this business for a while or you’re just getting started.


FACEBOOK – 4.924 fans

@heidicohen – 31.5K followers


Tom Pick (webbiquity.com)

You can’t put a price on experience that Mr P brings to the table. Everyone can learn a lot about B2B marketing just by monitoring this blog. Apart from his own articles, Tom allows guest authors on Webbiquity, which makes it even more interesting.

You should definitely go over his recent text on marketing automation tools.

@TomPick – 14K followers


Donna Moritz (sociallysorted.com.au/blog)

SociallySorted.com won the Best Australian Blog award in 2014 and hasn’t slowed down since. If you put her insights and tips to use, you’ll see results in no time.

For starters, find out how to operate your Instagram account correctly. Cool stuff.


FACEBOOK – 8.626 likes

@SociallySorted – 33.8K followers


Brian Solis (briansolis.com)

He’s one of the most observed marketing specialists for a reason. Also, one of the few that can consider themselves a mentor.

Check out his fresh article covering Mercedes’ futuristic vehicles.


FACEBOOK – 38,168 fans

@briansolis – 267K followers


Chris Ducker (chrisducker.com/blog)

If you are looking for a neat marketing tutorial, Chris’ blog is a place for you, although he has a little unconventional approach. Mixture of a raw text with cool infographics makes it easier to understand information, he’s trying to share. Here’s one of these articles, where Chris uses mentioned techniques to familiarize reader with succesful brand building.


FACEBOOK – 18,448 fans

@ChrisDucker – 62.8K followers


Amy Porterfield (amyporterfield.com)

Social media strategist. Amy is a true expert. Facebook has no mysteries to her.  Recently I stumbled upon her podcast regarding Facebook ad retargeting and it was an eye-opener.

Forty well spent minutes, for sure!


FACEBOOK – 216,756 fans

@AmyPorterfield – 137K followers


Andrea Vahl (andreavahl.com/blog)

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more insights on how to properly utilize social media for your business, Andrea comes in with her fantastic analysis and tips. Internet marketing is a piece of cake with her. Even if you’re building from ground up.

Wanna know how to measure social media ROI? There you go!

FACEBOOK – 4,328 fans

@AndreaVahl – 24.5K followers


Avinash Kaushik (kaushik.net/avinash)

If you’re looking for thorough web analytics, Avinash is your guy. Everything there is to know about digital marketing, he knows it. Truly remarkable stuff. I am a frequent visitor on kaushik.net.

Most recently, I found some very interesting insights regarding AdBlocker. Look for yourself.


FACEBOOK – 38.951 fans

@avinash – 175K followers

I hope that you will learn from these blogs as much, or even more, as I did. I will get back to this topic without any doubt. After all, it is so wide, that it is virtually impossible to cover it whole. Fifteen bloggers I mentioned above are not the only ones on the Web you should observe. I am constantly looking for more fascinating blogs such as these. If you happen to find some, make sure to let me know. The more knowledge about marketing you possess, the more effective it will become.